Competitive Price Intellegence

Enhance your profit margins with attractive prices

E-commerce field is an increasingly competitive field in today’s world. It is because of the fact that it pursues more comfortable and easy shopping and other services. That is why an e-commerce merchandise needs to have more competitive price structure so as to meet the market needs. We know that buyers always set their decision of buying anything by comparing the price in different shops as well as shopping sites. That is why with JKM GLOBAL solution’s online price monitoring services, you can easily visualize your competitor's pricing information and thereby set your set your effective pricing strategy. This possible price fluctuation gives you the opportunity to identify competitive and profitable price points for your products.  

As price is the most determinant factor that leads any firm whether to gain profit as well as to make the correct decision for sales. Therefore, by using JKM’s proprietary price intelligence tool, we carry out the process of price monitoring. This tool helps us to capture, compare, match, organize the prices of different other competitive firms and present the most relevant competitive pricing information in real time. We also offer recommendation report so that you can be well informed about the need to whether adjust your price structure to earn more profit and to gain maximum profit thereby. We also provide various charts, compilation and analyzed pricing data, other pricing movements, and internal enterprise data to make you a more competitive market. We also provide you assistance to strategize your price structure and implement discounts and offers to maximize your sales.