Marketplace Managed Services

Marketplace managed services

The competitiveness in ecommerce platform is forcing the sellers to expand their channels that can drive them into growth and help them to gain market share. But, selling across multiple platforms is not an easy task. And that lack of experience and efficiency becomes the major barrier in the way of managing the entire ecosystem of sales and marketing. That is why JKM GLOBAL Solution offers the best marketing services that can easily make your business an expanded one and help you to reach the peak of success. Our well managed marketplace services help the sellers to boost the sales across the online marketplace. We have a team of expert and certified researchers who gives their best to provide you the bet database and thereby facilitate you with the best information from everywhere.

JKM GLOBAL Solution’s comprehensive portfolio of ecommerce marketplace management services makes us one stop shop for all your marketplace management requirements. We help to optimize our clients’ marketplace performance on a monthly basis as well as expand onto newer platforms at an affordable cost. We have experience in managing popular channels like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Newegg, Walmart, etc. and we follow industry best practices to ensure channel optimization.

Our marketplace managed services include:  
  • Product listing optimization: we optimize the product field as per the market requirement and identify the most relevant and profitable keywords that can drive the traffic into your platform.
  • Product Listing On-boarding: Another of our services include making of appropriate template and to ad informatory information that can enhance the tab-delimited text file format. This text file is then uploaded for processing through Upload Multiple Items option in the Manage Inventory section from Seller Account. In addition, uploading product using product API further eases the on-boarding process, ensuring quick turnaround.
  • Product Image Optimization: We edit product images to meet marketplace standards related to resolution, size, number of images and image quality to ensure seamless and quick product listing.
  • Inventory Management: We manage inventory using automated process that enables us to update the stocks, restock products sold and also ensure all the inventory information are available including UPC/EAN/ISBN, title, price, and quantity.
  • Amazon A+ Content Creation: We create informative, engaging and compelling product descriptions supported by keyword-rich product listing and visually appealing product images and detailed product specifications.
  • Product Ranking Service: Using competitive keywords and implementing amazon algorithm requirements we help boost your page ranking and ensure that your product appears at the top of the search result page.
  • Keyword Research: We search and identify a wide range of most profitable keywords and sub-keywords to ensure your product is visible for every related search, generating traffic and boosting sales.
  • Amazon Advertising (PPC, SMM, SEM): We help manage PPC, SMM, SEM campaigns enabling you to reduce advertising cost of sale (ACOS) and boost product ranking, improving campaigns’ results and ROI as well as generating sales.

  JKM GLOBAL solution helps its customers to get the required data for the business to be expanded and thereby overcome the challenges from the competitiveness that the market possesses.