Corporate Hierarchy Data Research

Get an overview of business environment interrelationship

It is very important to know about a company and their performances to stay in the competitiveness of this ongoing world of financial institutions. Understanding this complex relationship between organizations and environment possess in the organization, heir acquisitions, joint ventures, minority investment, divestitures, assess swaps, etc is the key responsibility of a business firm to become the standpoint in the market. JKM GLOBAL solutions have the responsibility to analyze them all and provide you the best data research services about the different subsidiary companies worldwide.
JKM GLOBAL solutions understand your needs and requirements and thus provides its best to you so that you can ensure your services at an early. Our key services include:

Corporate affiliations services:

we find the best hierarchies and linkages for all private and public companies and their subsidiaries worldwide. JKM GLOBAL solutions also provide the in-depth description of a company like business descriptions, detailed competitor listing, brands, service firms, etc and thereby facilitate you to choose the best business partner and environment.

Search guide for customized location, industry and company status

We also provide the best search guide to make you get the best company location, industry location, and company status.
We know that two companies cannot be the same. Therefore our every research project includes detailed studies of different companies based on your business specific requirements. Our team of expert researchers helps to identify all company name, variations that are essential to developing a comprehensive and accurate database. We collect information from various sources such as websites, current and historical findings, statutory, etc. we also collect frequent data verification services to ensure data accuracy at all times.