M&A Database Creation

Get the detailed Mergers and acquisitions activities on a real-time

As today’s world of business economy is very much competitive in nature and that is why mergers and acquisitions (M & A) are the important growth strategy that is on the rise. The complex phenomenon that M & A represent has attracted substantial interest from a variety of management disciplines over the past 30 years. Its primary streams of inquiry can be identified within the strategic and behavioral literature, that focus on the issue of strategic fit, organizational fit, and the acquisition process itself. It is evidenced that in parallel to these research advances the failure rates of mergers and acquisitions have remained consistently high which might be the reason of dichotomy that intern highlight the significant opportunities that remain for M& A future. JKM GLOBAL solutions are that is why here for you. We provide all the relative and detailed information about the mergers and acquisition activity and provide you with the business support at best.

Our key services for mergers and acquisitions activities are concerned on:

Acquisition : We obtain stakes from different companies and business firms, that although doesn’t change the name or legal structure of the respective firm. With this acquisition information, JKM’s client business organizations will be facilitated a lot and they will get all the details about the specific company.

Consolidation : We also survey about whether there is any new company or not, whether the stakeholders of both the companies approved the consolidation, or any other subsequent approval, their equity shares, etc and provide this information to you so that you can get a detailed and brief overview about the company that you are going to be partnered.

Tender offer : We also envisage our research about the different tender offers that a company offers to purchase outstanding stock of another firm at a specific price. This information helps our client companies to acquire the knowledge and thereby measure their profit margins with whom they are going to be connected.

Acquisition : Find the best information about the mergers and acquisition activity and facilitate your business with extra profit and that is JKM GLOBAL Solutions. We are maintaining our image as the best business service providers and thus make you profitable in all circumstances.