Limit the world in the bunch of your hand with accurate airline information

As the airline information providers have to set up the database of millions of travelers, agencies and other interest groups. These sectors have to be fully dependent upon you to get the updated world information. Travelers want to know Flight Status Updates (FSU), connections, airport services, other airline information and even weather conditions. Travel agencies, hotels, search engines, airlines, and a host of other business and government entities rely on you to provide reliable, accurate, and up-to-the-minute information. That is why JKM GLOBAL Solution provides a wide range of technology-enabled services that can help you're to collect, maintain airline database information service. That is why JKM GLOBAL Solutions provide the best Airlines services to you so that you will be updated with all information going on around the market.

We offer a wide range of airline services covering all the necessary information regarding the same and keep you updated. The best of our Airlines services include:
  • Updating the status of the flights: JKM is backed to provide you the real-time updates regarding the flights and you can easily make all your decisions on that basis. We collect the information from the major carrier websites and relay it to our client industry service providers of their choice. This information is either flight-based, route based or even airport based or any other of your requirements.

  • Flight schedule Tracking: We also provide our service of tracking and aggregating a comprehensive range of data to meet both ticketing agent’s as well as travelers’ requirements. These include flight schedules, origin and destination of flights, air charters, codeshares, connection time, seat maps, operating carrier, arrival/departure time and date, tariff and rates, and timetables.

  • Airline Operator Profile: We aggregate and maintain aircraft operator data, including background information, destinations served, network, fleets, IATA & ICAO codes, website links, contact information, employee data, financial results, traffic, ownership patterns, organizational hierarchy, sales & GSA offices, partners, codeshare agreements, and executive team profiles.

  • Fleet Aircraft and Traffic Data: JKM collects and maintains end-to-end fleet data that you can access at any time. Data ranges from seating capacity, type of engine, fuel capacity & consumption, crew, landing gear to registration numbers and dates, aircraft types, descriptions, year of manufacture, and other similar information. We share this data with you on a monthly basis in a format specified by you.

  • Disruption Data: JKM aggregates data for flight delays and providing useful information required to report on predicted closures and resumption of normal services at affected airports.

  • MRO Contract: We aggregate current and past airline MRO contract data (commercial & defense) from various sources, focusing on key data fields such as contract dates, periods, contract sizes, types of contracts, aircraft repair, and overhaul data, engine models and manufacturers, and airframe models. The primary source of information we usually rely on includes web sites of MRO companies and airline operators.

  • Social Intelligence Service: JKM offers social intelligence services which includes monitoring various social media channels and providing insights into users’ opinions and experiences. We can track all user-generated content, including blogs, forums, and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.