Yellow Pages

Get the best of the directory listing to boost traffic and revenue

The best and easiest way to reach the buyers is through advertisements in the yellow pages. However, customers are more concerned about updated and accurate information in today’s life. It is therefore very much imperative for the yellow pages publishers to have the best and accurate information to drive the viewers to their website and maximize profit. That is why JKM GLOBAL Solutions provides the most updated and accurate information for its client’s requirements and facilitate them by fulfilling all their needs. We know that how much challenges are there for you in the market and to compete in this market you have to have the most up-to-date information regarding the business or any other facts. We thus provide data to the yellow page publishers and offer comprehensive data services to enrich, verify and update the listing. JKM is one stop away from you for providing the best yellow page services that can make your business more profitable and support you to optimize the productivity and boost business outcomes. Our key services include:
  • Entity addition and enhancement: We help expand and update your database as you foray into new markets and geographies. Our team also supports you in building more robust business listings by adding attributes and extracting key data for groups of entities.
  • Social media intelligence: We link small and medium business listings to their social media channels rather than their websites, providing an opportunity to engage with audiences more interactively.
  • Company name verification: We verifying the company name listed in the database to ensure it is accurate and associated information is valid.
Data Management: Combining human expertise and technology-enabled solutions JKM offers a wide range of data management services that include:
  • Data verification and validation services: JKM validates and verifies contact details, URLs, email IDs, phone numbers and fax numbers to keep the directory updated. We also research missing URLs and other major data points to ensure comprehensive database.
  • Marketing support: We create compelling and engaging content to describe the nature of various businesses, including product profiles.
  • Attribute set creation: As the market changes and evolves, we create sets of attributes for new or existing business categories and organize the information into a structured database.
JKM also provides a great range of technology-enabled services for highly responsive shopping platforms for a business directory, yellow pages, shopping engines and marketplace publishers. These include:
  • Website monitoring: Merchant sites are crawled at regular intervals to collect information about active product and service offers, so databases are always current.
  • Categorization: The captured product and service offer information collected from merchant websites are categorized in the directory, Yellow Pages or marketplace taxonomy, providing a positive experience for users and improving visibility for merchants.
  • Clustering: When the same product and service offerings are made available by more than one merchant, JKM GLOBAL Solutions groups these together eliminating product and service offer duplication.
  • Mapping: Offers are mapped to corresponding products, and products are mapped to the directory, Yellow Pages or marketplace master database.
  • Product data collection: Comprehensive product data is collected from sellers and manufacturers sites and used to populate the product database.