Transaction Processing

Improve your cash flow with our transaction processing financial services

Transaction processing system is a kind of information processing system for a business transaction that involves the collection, modification, and retrieval of all transaction data that are necessary to maintain your property portfolio as a business. The reliability, performance, and consistency are some of the salient features of transaction process system. It is also known as the real-time processing system. JKM GLOBAL solutions help you to get the best TPS so that you can be able to have a detailed idea of the property portfolio that you are going to get on the lease. Accounting is very time-consuming and complex for the real estate companies. This is because those companies who have a huge property portfolio don’t have the time to maintain the data entry services and thus seems very difficult to get the accurate data. That s the reason that JKM GLOBAL solution has come up with the best transaction property services that will envisage and improve your business requirements. Our key function is paying and receiving accounts which are having a significant impact on the cash flow and are therefore very difficult to process the transaction efficiently. JKM GLOBAL solution has the team of expert researchers who are having the full efficiency to provide you best finance and accounting services. We offer a full package of services for both public and private sector companies. JKM GLOBAL solutions offer cost-effective as well as efficient transaction processing services either for supplementary or for supportive in-house resources. JKM’s transaction processing clients include:
  • Leading real estate investment companies,
  • Real estate investment trusts,
  • Opportunity funds,
  • Private equity groups,
  • Pension fund advisors.
Our primary accounting platforms are:
  • JD Edwards.
  • MRI
  • Yardi
  • SAP
  • Oracle
We have a number of different services that we offer to our clients. Some of the key services are given as under: Real Estate Accounts Receivable Management
  • Keeping track of tenants' security deposits
  • Managing move-ins, move-outs, and renewals
  • Analyzing and processing monthly rents, print invoices, and customer statements
  • Tallying cash receipts against relevant invoices or customer checks
  • Following-up through e-mail or call for the payments as a part of receivables management
Tenant Receivable Management
  • Setting up billing parameters, late fees, etc. using the leasing software
  • Carrying out monthly rent processing
  • Rent collection processing
  • Creating and initiating relevant tenant communication through template-driven letters in case of delinquencies
  • Updating tenant records, tracking utility consumption, and calculating the bill backs
  • Analyzing tenant ledger reports for any discrepancies
  • Promptly generating a move-in, move-out, and late fee, reports