Our Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This document details the terms & conditions, basis of the visitor to our site and/or an existing client receiving our services. You are required to read this document carefully, be aware about the services we provide and the terms and conditions, warranties, disclosures, understandings and limitations relating to the performance of services on the part of “JKM GLOBAL” and “You”. It is on the acceptance of these terms and conditions by “You” that we (JKM GLOBAL) will proceed to the next step of registering You as a client, charging of fee and start providing services as per the plan opted/selected by Service Plans & the Process

Computer Installation/Setup:

Trouble Shooting, PC repair, Internet support for New Internet connection, Fault Repair, Browser and Speed up, email support for New account setup (Rules and Troubleshooting), installation of anti-virus and anti-spy ware, removal of virus and spy ware, providing PC/Laptop security through set up, configuration of firewalls, set up of data back-up, PC peripheral support by way of helping in installation of printer, LaserJet and multi-functional printers, scanners, MP3 players, digital cameras, optimization of startup setting, PC health and speed, and operating system support. It does not provide any hardware replacement services as part of any of the plans. A plan is applicable to a single well identifiable Laptop or a Central Processing Unit and its peripherals and it is assumed you are well acquainted with all the parts, operation and you have access to the system all the time. We provide One Time Fix Plan (Per Incident Plan), Annual Plan, Premium Annual Plan and Family Plan. Once you choose a plan through our portal, you will be contacted by JKM GLOBAL on your email ID or phone at the time convenient to you. You will be guided through the process of registration for the plan of your choice. After registration, you will be required to pay for the plan fee. You can choose to pay by debit card or credit card either directly on our website or convey this number to us on telephone. We will charge the fee. This fee will be charged depending on the plan chosen by you. In case our service is used for any unregistered computer system, you will be charged with another fee to your account (similar to plan already chosen by you for your registered computer system).

Method of Support:

JKM GLOBAL offers support services through remote computer control, where the Service Engineer (SE) takes control of your computer with your permission and will guide you through the steps leading to the solution of the problem or sets the problem right at his/her own. The support can be, as the situation warrants, through telephone, chat, email or other means through remote access. During or after the completion of the process of resolution, there may be a small text file placed on the clip board of your computer, explaining the work undertaken on it. You have the option either to delete it or retain for the future reference. You understand it very clearly that no on-site service is provided and no physical possession of your computer or any of its peripherals will be taken over by JKM GLOBAL. The services will be rendered by JKM GLOBAL only for the computer and software registered under the plan and JKM GLOBAL will, in no way, be responsible for the other computers, software or peripherals not registered. JKM GLOBAL will make every possible, reasonable and commercially viable effort to provide, suggest or undertake appropriate solution. It will dutifully attend to all calls to attend to the problem. assumes that you are aware of the need to have a complete data back up whenever you call on us for support and you have a disaster recovery plan. JKM GLOBAL will in no way be responsible for the loss of data during JKM GLOBAL the process of remote support. You also understand that downloading anything beyond the space available on your system can cause serious problems. You declare that you will not open your computer system or fiddle with it in any manner and will seek our support in resolution of the problem through our Service Engineer through remote access. As a policy we don't promote charging customers up-front, we strictly follow the process of charging customers only after their issue is fixed. Once the technician fixes the issue, call is transferred to billing team wherein they go ahead and take feedback for work done, technician's product knowledge, behavior and feedback for the company and if they would recommend us. Therefore, users can be assured that they are i right hands.

Exclusion from the Services

You understand and agree that JKM GLOBAL will not be in a position to serve if some modifications have been carried out on the computer system taking it out of our preview or you has used a peripheral or product incompatible with the system registered with us or you fail to follow the instructions contained in the product manual supplied by the manufacturer or your computer system has suffered a shock or an accident or electrical wiring is faulty. No Unlawful or Prohibited Use As a condition of your use of this Website, You agree that You will not use this Website or the content or software contained herein for any purpose that is unlawful as per applicable laws or prohibited by these terms and conditions. Usage Policy JKM GLOBAL expects you to make fair use of its services to resolve any problem under the plan. JKM GLOBAL will endeavor to do its best to attend to all your requirements. We expect You to use the services for your registered hardware and software and not for others. Should there be a situation where JKM GLOBAL may feel that it has done everything possible and the at best of its judgment, the issue has been resolved and your calls are nothing but intentional harassment, the agreement will be terminated. You have also the right to terminate the Agreement by giving written or electronic notice to JKM GLOBAL, but you are not entitled to refund. You undertake that you will not create any hyper links to any portion of JKM GLOBAL portal. You will not allow others to use your account for using our services. You agree not to use any fake identity and do any act which is not permitted under applicable law. You will not interfere in our normal working, cause damage to our image, our servers and systems, harass our staff, hack our website, and email IDs and passwords of our clients and our processes. You will not spread virus and abuse the system in any manner. You will not upload or post any pornographic material or objectionable matter and cause infringement of intellectual property rights of others. At no point in time JKM GLOBAL would be liable to provide support for any hardware issues related to PCs, Servers, Printers, Routers and Wireless Access Devices. During our support JKM GLOBAL may ask You to acquire and install third party software on your system. By such suggestion JKM GLOBAL does not guarantee the quality or performance of such software or application and we make no warranty that we are acting on behalf of such party in any manner. There may be a situation where JKM GLOBAL may suggest you to avail third party services, software and equipment and may include technical support, games, music, storage, training etc. In that case it is for You to decide and avail the services and once you opt, You must not breach their terms and conditions and you agree to not to hold us responsible for the consequences arising out of use of such services. An account can only be used by one person. This single account has a limited scope of usage as defined by number of PCs in the agreement. You would further need to purchase support for additional PCs if the need arises.